Sport facilities

Outstanding handball facility on a 10 minutes drive in combination with a complete gym & spa tailored for athletes

Handball Facility

The impress “sport town” of Blanes can be reached within 10 minutes by bus

The faciliy offers 4 syntetic handball courts next to each other. They could be even used vertical if teams want to have more space to do some individuell training on the side. 2  more parquet floors und plenty of changing rooms complete this enormes sport facility.

Water and material will be stored directly at the courts: speed ladders, hurdles, flat, small and big cones, poles, hoops, medicine balls

Important: The facility can be used with Resin/Wax – you need to inform before you travel as the cleaning has to be organized

Hotel Gym & Spa

The Gym is perfect for Handball player. You have the opertunity for olympic weightlifting, dumbells and a lot of space and material for funcinal training.

The Spa is perfectly equipped. Finnish sauna, turkish bath, hot and cold water bath such as a 25 meter pool offers everything needed to relax and to recover for the next training sessions.